Ardmore Road

Ardmore Road

Re-imagination of a villa in a heritage area in Auckland’s CBD. The living spaces were reconfigured to enable seamless interaction between indoor entertaining and outdoor leisure pursuits in the enclosed private lawn and pool area. White battened ceilings draw reference from exterior linear details across the rear wall of the site and harmonise the internal and external flow. Suspended across inserted sky wells, an intriguing dissemination of light and shadow is cast through the battens, varying throughout the time of day. A demonstration in optimisation of usable space across a confined footprint in an inner city suburb. The architecture frames and manipulates light in a way that evokes an ambience of intrigue, ease and effortlessness throughout the house.

  • Type
  • Area
    240 sqm
  • Location
    Ponsonby, Auckland NZ
  • Status
    Completed 2017