Earles House

Earles House

Situated at the rear of a restored traditional bungalow is an abstract white box, its form in contradiction to the structure of the original building.
The extension features elevated ceilings, full height openings and an elongated skylight extending the length of the building, harnessing natural light and creating spaciousness.
The front entrance greets the visitor with a framed view of a plunge pool, enveloped by 3 sides of the extension. The pool lends into the interior the calming properties of water and nuances gained by the interplay with reflections through the glass-lined courtyard. Timber battens framing the skylight mimic the linearity of the external cladding and mask light and shadow at differing times of day.
At the rear the elevated structure floats in a sea of green flora, the space beneath envisaged as an entertaining space in the warmer months that extends to the rear lawn, with additional storage behind crafted cedar battens.