Grafton Road

Grafton Road

Culinary spaces within a 3 storey 1920’s brick home in Auckland reimagined and modernised, drawing reference from the building's traditional materials and tonal palette. The timber grain of natural oak veneer contrasts and softens industrial stainless steel fittings and surfaces. Sharp refined edges and pared back details on cabinetry enhance a sense of uncluttered openness in the kitchen and cube-like glazed dining area. Through the glazing light is harnessed and pervades into the spaces through reflection against stainless steel and high gloss acrylic surfaces. An example of the transformation of dark, inward-focussed spaces into a story of light, reflection, openness and harmonious contrast between old and new materials.

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  • Location
    Grafton, Auckland, NZ
  • Status
    Completed 2014