Light Catcher

Light Catcher

Light Catcher is a home on a compact urban site. The architecture creates an internal experience but can also stand alone as a sculptural form to be viewed from within. The original detailing of the existing villa is respected, resulting in a home designed with light, space and elegance that functions as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape.

The view for the building is created within, the experience is inward-focused. The architecture and courtyard together with the calming sounds and reflections on water, create an atmosphere of calmness, privacy and tranquility. Monolithic forms frame the courtyard, anchoring the skylights and expansive sliding doors. The living spaces at the rear are west-facing and oriented to harness the sun’s path as it traverses the sky. The placement of timber battens across elevated windows creates shifting patterns, illuminating the interior walls with a golden light. All of the forms, materials and tones for the interior are intentionally subdued to complement each other and reflect the natural palette of the courtyard. Attention is drawn to the raw beauty and texture of materials, which speak to each other and are given space to breathe.

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    Grey Lynn, Auckland, NZ
  • Status
    Completed 2023