Muriwai House

Muriwai House

Muriwai house, the creation of a new family home that feels comforting, providing shelter against the wild temporal elements of the west coast, while not compromising on its sublime scenery.

Large openings enable the scenery to be appreciated from within, the calm tones of the interior contrast the external wind-swept landscape. A sunken home office even features a framed view of the beach beyond.
Natural timber cladding encases the exterior forms which are separated into adjoining shapes to define the living spaces: relax, work and recreation. The home design optimises the stunning vistas available to the site and adopts a complementary neutral palette with natural materials, complementing the surrounding native bush.

  • Type
  • Area
    180 sqm
  • Location
    Muriwai, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Status
    Completed 2021
  • Awards
    • HOME Magazine Home of the Year Awards 2023 - Finalist, Small Home of the Year